"Ready the Guardians"

History & Background

MERRICK was established to enable maritime law enforcement agencies and emergency responders (and the companies that serve them) the ability to execute the National Maritime Strategy. Specifically, the MERRICK purpose is to Assess, Consult, Train and Exercise organizations and departments in order to prevent terrorist, criminal or hostile acts, to protect maritime related population centers and critical Infrastructures, and to respond to and recover from incidents that impact our communities and our maritime domain.

Because of that commitment and devotion to our Nation's maritime security, MERRICK has become recognized for its unique ability to meet the needs of the maritime safety and security community, through its network of over 150 trainers, consultants, planners, exercisers, manufacturers, practitioners and professionals. 

our name

The name "MERRICK" comes from English history and translates to "Ruler of the Sea." Given that our company was first formed on the banks of the Merrimack River in Newburyport, Massachusetts, (before moving to Florida) and that our focus is on the safety and security of AMERICA (or "aMERRICKa", the name fits.


Like everything we do, there is meaning and purpose. Our logo, in the shape of the shields worn by the law enforcement and emergency response community that it was established to serve, utilizes the colors of that community, and the color of the water they operate on. The Sea Hawk that rides the crest of the wave in the logo represents our mission, and that of the people we serve: always vigilant.

The blue bar behind the shield represents those who have sacrificed their lives performing this mission, with the sword and the trident as symbols of the tools of our trade. The trident also reminds of the three important principles we strive to follow each and every day: Honor, Respect, Devotion to Duty. (This should sound familiar to some.) It also reminds us of the questions we ask before accepting each and every engagement: Will this project or relationship enhance the Nation's safety and security?; Are the people we will be working with of like mind and spirit?; Can we complete this task/mission/project with integrity and honesty? If the answer is "no" or "maybe" to any of these questions, then we will respectfully decline the opportunity.

The sword reminds us that we must remain committed to our mission and passion. There will always be challenges, but we will continue to fight the good fight, moving onward and forward.

The compass rose at the bottom of logo is a symbol of what we do for our customers, helping them to navigate by providing sound and reliable courses of action that are sure to keep them and their critical assets safe. It also contains the cross to which we remain faithful, and always points upward.

We wear the shield proudly, and offer it to your company, your agency, your department as AMERICA's Maritime Security Shield.

our SLOGAN AND OUR purpose

The purpose of MERRICK is based on its slogan "Praeparo Custodis," or "Ready the Guardians." For those maritime law enforcement officers and emergency responders who patrol our waterways each and every day, our purpose is to provide them the tools that will prepare them for any event they may encounter. Whether it is electronics, platforms, clothing, gear or tactics, MERRICK is America's source.

From a natural disaster, to a terrorist attempt to harm our citizens and our country, MERRICK clients and organizations will be ready through training, consultation and exercises provided by the world's most knowledgeable maritime instructors and specialists to detect, prevent, and respond.

Mission Statement

MERRICK will enhance and ensure the safety and security of our country, its citizens, and its economy in the maritime environment, by providing the highest quality of professionalism, expertise, training, consultation, assistance and leadership to law enforcement and emergency response professionals who operate or are responsible for our nation's waterways. Every delivery will exceed expectations, and every relationship will be a partnership founded in truth, honor and integrity. From the classroom to the boardroom, from the handshake to the water, we will always do the right thing and empower our stakeholders with the ability to do the same.

Operating Principles

Otherwise known as “The Shark Principles,” these are the guidelines for how the company will present itself, will engage with customers, and perform its services.

  • Secure every domain we step into, and every partnership we forge, through Standards of professionalism, procedures, policies and principles, Second to none.
  • Have a vision of success, have a purpose, have commitment, have determination, have faith. 
  • Always Improve, Always do the Right Thing, Always AchieveMake us and our customers better, faster, and smarter.
  • Remain committed to our goals, to our families and to our customers, Regardless of the challenges or obstacles. Remain focused on the objectives and the mission of our company, and those of the customer. 
  • Keep moving the company, the customer, the project and yourself. Keep moving Onward and Forward with purpose, determination, passion and faith in the outcome.