"Ready the Guardians"

MERRICK Maritime Security, Inc. chosen by Oak Ridge National Laboratory

May 30, 2013 - Merrick Maritime Security, Inc. (MERRICK) was chosen by Oak Ridge National Laboratory to provide Subject Matter Expertise and assist in developing Program Assistance procedures for states and organizations who wish to develop a Preventative Radiological - Nuclear Detection Program.

"Based on our extensive experience in this mission area, and specifically in developing programs at the state and national level, MERRICK was chosen to assist Oak Ridge and provide a service that can help a state or region streamline their PRND program development efforts," said Mark DuPont, President and CEO of Merrick Maritime Security, Inc.

MERRICK will provide assistance in all phases of a PRND program, including threat assessments, strategy development, concept of operations, training and exercises. "We were very excited to be a part of this initiative and this program," added DuPont. It fits perfectly in our core mission to enhance the safety and security of our Nation, and the people who perform that law enforcement and emergency response function on a daily basis."